2017 | ISSUE ONE



When people think of the arts and cultural amenities available in Nevada, their minds often turn to the myriad musical acts, museums and large-scale stage productions along the Las Vegas Strip. Although attractions such as Bellagio’s Gallery of Fine Art, Broadway productions like Rock of Ages and the omnipresent Cirque du Soleil shows enrich the cultural fabric of the Silver State, they represent just a portion of the arts and cultural offerings that are available to both visitors and residents throughout Nevada.

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The Private Bank by Nevada State Bank retained the team at Applied Analysis to explore the high net worth segment of the community. Specifically, the team has been working to better understand the size, consumer trends, needs and other aspects of this key segment of the market. Research efforts expected over the course of the next several months will focus on selected demographic and economic data, as well as information garnered through direct surveying techniques and other cutting edge research methodologies. This reporting series has been designed with these high net worth individuals in mind. We hope you find the elements of our research and analysis helpful in assessing the market.